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  • jùn mǎ Speech at ITTC

    Presentation ITTC

    • Speech of jùn mǎ at the International Technology Transfer in Beijing and Guiyang on April (ITTC 2014)
    • Topic: Energy savings solution along with a substantial diminution of carbon dioxide (CO2)
    • Session “Smart City and The City of Future Technology Innovation in China “.

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  • World energy dramatic consumption increase…


  • …that cause serious consequences.


  • How can we reduce the energy consumption ?


  • Right approach : China Saving Energy Stiffer Law 严格 法律


    • Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, has voted to adopt revisions to the Environmental Protection Law, enshrining environmental protection as the government's overriding priority, with specific articles and provisions on smog.
    • For the first time, the law has established clear requirements for ecological protection.

  • One solution : Saving Energy in Building 大楼 节约能源


    • In a typical European household, well over half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water, so it makes sense to invest in the most energy-efficient heating system.
    • So the main sector of energy savings is found in the housing communities.

  • Concrete example : Housing Saving Energy (Tianjin 天津)


    • Location : Bīnhǎi Xīn Qū (滨海新区)
    • Building, 40 floors, 30 000 m2
    • Concern Equipment : Heating or Air Conditioning
    • Estimated investment cost : $ 10,000
    • Return on investment : 13 months
    • Estimated 3 years Energy savings : $ 50,000
    • White certificate earning : $ 3,500

  • Example : Boilers Saving Energy China Potential Market


    Considering surface of more than 5000 m2 :
    • 12 millions of device today in activity has to be checked.
    • 25 % has to be replaced.
    • 75 % has to be rejuvenated through a saving energy device.
    • China boilers with saving energy device implementation market is estimated to a level of 24 billions of yuans (2,3 Md US$).

  • Chaoyang Saving Energy Plan 節能 计划朝阳区 節能 计划


    What could be for the 5 years to come a plan to slash the energy consumption and to reduce the CO2 emission in the Cháoyáng Qū ?
    A triple project target
    • A reduction of the pollution and the emission of CO2
    • Inhabitants of buildings will save money on their energy bill
    • The Municipality will get to a new source of income

  • Chaoyang Estimates Saving Energy Plan

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  • Saving Energy means Saving Money for your properties ! 节省


    How to save money and add value to your real estate through an ecological way ?
    5 five ways to do it !
    In Europe :
    (1) For the housing building equipped with saving energy devices, the market rental values, yields and acquisition prices have steadily increased :
    • 2011 : + 3 %
    • 2012 : + 2,7 %
    • 2013 : + 2,6 %
    (2) Those ones that haven’t such equipment have experienced a sharp decrease that intensified over the years :
    • 2011 : - 2 %
    • 2012 : - 2,6 %
    • 2013 : - 4,7 %

  • Europe Saving Energy Plan


    (1) In Europe, residential building consumption represents 45 % of the total energy cost (2013).
    This is the main sector of energy savings.
    (2) Under the Renewable Energy Directive 2012/0288 (COD), the EU aims to get 20% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020.

  • Carbon Trading : The White Certificate


    • A white certificate, also referred to as an Energy Savings Certificate (ESC), is an instrument issued by an authorized body guaranteeing that a specified amount of energy savings has been achieved.
    • The white certificates are given to the producers whenever an amount of energy is saved whereupon the producer can use the certificate for their own target compliance or can be sold to (other) parties who cannot meet their targets.
    • Each certificate is a unique and traceable commodity carrying a property right over a certain amount of additional energy savings and guaranteeing that the benefit of these savings has not been accounted for elsewhere.

  • Saving Energy Regulation, examples


  • White certificate : How it works ?


  • China Science J

    China Science 中国 科学
    The "Four Great Inventions" (四大发明; sì dà fāmíng) are the
    • Compass 指南针 zhǐ nán zhēn
    • Gunpowder 火药 huǒ yào
    • Papermaking 造纸 zào zhǐ
    • Printing 印刷品 yìn shuā pǐn

  • Chinese History

    The China Way 中国 前景
    • 千里之行﹐始於足下。
    Qian li zhi xing, shi yu zu xia.
    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
    老子 Laozi
    • 不管黑猫白猫,捉到老鼠就是好猫。
    Buguan hei mao bai mao, zhuo dao laoshu jiu shi hao mao.
    No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat; as long as it can catch mice, it is a good cat.
    邓小平 Dèng Xiǎopíng

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  • Urban Saving Energy Project


    • Designing a city-wide questionnaire survey upon heating equipment
    • Measuring the annual fuel utilization of housing communities
    • Establishing consumption categories and GHG emissions accounting methodology
    • Data processing and analysis of the survey results, including influencing factor analysis and profiling of low, medium and high GHG emission households and communities.
    • Estimates evaluation of today city energy global cost and saving energy estimates
    • Agenda statement
    • Implementation of the device according to a comprehensive plan

  • Estimates Saving Energy project


    During two months. The survey is engaged, district by district, during three months.

  • Saving Energy Solution : The DJP ENERGY experience


    • ECO REGULATOR - designed to cut back the energy cost on existing boilers in substantial housing estates and public amenities.
    • 20 % of Energy Saving on Boilers.

  • China CO2 Savings


  • China Air Pollution Perspective


  • GDP & Pollution Trend


  • China Air Pollution


  • CO2 China Emission


  • Air Pollution effects


  • CO2 Diseases


  • China Air Pollution Death Toll


  • World Death Toll per area


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Sediment Recycling







SEDIGATE-ARD & PANEUROCHINA SEDIMENT AGENCY is an engineering company specialized in the management, treatment and valorization of the sediment, healthy or contaminated, located in the ports, the estuaries and the coastal sea shores and dams areas.


SEDIGATE-ARD & PANEUROCHINA SEDIMENT AGENCY industry scheme is part of a long-term collaboration between three companies through the SEDIMENT TASK FORCE which group is motivated by the desire of each to share their know-how and research activities in a way to provide the best solutions to the concern clients. 

Targeting the protection of the Eco-System, the SEDIMENT TASK FORCE provides comprehensive schemes of the sludge treatment that assess the interactions that can take place between human activities and the natural environment, in order to provide better management of the designated areas.


ARD, Caen (France), an industrial chemistry company that is specialized in natural stabilized and soil reinforced through hyper-pozzolanic binders.

SEDIGATE, Caen (France), an industrial chemistry company that has modeled a dynamic decanter NEMEAU, easy to implement, quick, and mobile and with small cluttering. The operations are sorting, separation and mechanized dewatering in continuous according to local needs. 

Paneurochina, a Tianjin based industrial company dedicated in the treatment of healthy or polluted sediments into useful building materials and products.

In addition to that, the University of CAEN, coastal area management, coastal engineering (Normandy, France) contributes to the technologies developed by the SEDIMENT TASK FORCE.


Dam sediment issue


China’s 12th five years plan (2011-2015)

Sludge treatment and proper disposal is a key priority of the China’s 12th five years plan (2011-2015).

Today, majority of the sludge is not properly treated and caused various environmental incidences and public health and sanitation issues.

China’s 12th five years plan (2011-2015) puts sludge treatment and proper disposal as one of the key priorities in the environmental protection industry with favorite policies and guidelines for technology and engineering providers to tackle the market.

On 2012, SEDIGATE-ARD & PANEUROCHINA industry had established a group of economic interest, the GIE-SEDIMENTS CHINA – SOUTH EAST ASIA that involves others companies in this sector for the launching of joint actions in a way to win contracts.

In addition, SEDIGATE-ARD & PANEUROCHINA has signed a cooperation agreement with the Yangtze Delta Region Research Institute of Tsinghua University the official Chinese body that is in charge of the setting up of all appreciable technological cooperation in a way to provide efficient solutions to the sediment accumulation all over China mainly in the port, sea shore and dam’s areas


CHINA SEDIMENT TASK FORCE combines an expertise in environmental monitoring and project modeling through a precise appreciation of the needs of the considered areas according with their development.

CHINA SEDIMENT TASK FORCE is designed to produce a challenging and long-term vision (30-100 years) for the future of rivers and coastal activities in the whole of China.

The main priority is to develop common standards for monitoring the China environmental issues.





- Sediment ITgium engineering technology (uptodate)

- China coastal & estuaries sediment issue (2012)

- Chinese sediment potential market (2012)

- Wenzhou Airport sediment issue (2012)

- The Wenzhou airport area engineering sediments analysis issue (2013)

- How to resolve the sediment issue of the sānxiá dàbà 三峽大 壩 ? (2013)

- The yellow river sediment issue (2014)


At a long run, our project is to setup SEDIGATE ARD in China through a joint venture agreement with a Chinese company involved in this sector.

The JV five main objectives :

(a) Valuation of a global expertise upon sediment management and valorization issues throughout China mainland ;

(b) Manufacture of the Nemeau (dehydration equipment) in China ;

(c) Installation and implementation of the Nemeau everywhere in China ;

(d) Sediment Engineering works ;

(e) Research focus upon chemical additive solutions as to improve and to reinforce the sediment mechanical resistance.




(1) knowledge & expertise

Survey – Geology & geomorphology & sedimentology

Survey - Environmental impact assessment of the sludge (Analysis & Diagnostic)

Survey – Estimated potential of the recycled sediments of the considered area according with their volume and their local use

Survey – Risk Assessment

Survey – For the ports, strategic plan for maritime working waterfront, improvement of ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication by technical support for verbal communication and by employment of automated data communication including transponders, standards for the interoperability of maritime Vessel Traffic

Management Master plan - zoning, dredging, logistics, removal, treatment, recycling and valorization (Implementation guideline & monitoring & agenda exploitation)

Operation procedure – Tri, Evaporation, Screening, Dewatering, Mixing, Casting, Drying

Local partnership organization – establishment with locals companies based in the sediment considered area in a way to provide appreciable solutions in term of logistics and local reutilization of those ones.

All operation cost estimates – step by step, each operation

(2) Treatment and valorization solutions

Dredge – Dredging of all the considered areas

Sediment Dehydration – Reduced the volumes of the sediment thanks to a new dehydration technology (NEMEAU equipment)

Sediment recycling – Recycling the sediments with chemical binders in a way to carry out operations of soil stabilization

Eco-materials – Production of Eco-materials produced from sediments (products shoveled, sub-layers and backfilling for roads, parking lots, curbs, blocks, walkways, molded products, etc.)

Mobile unit – Elaboration of a mobile unit for the continuous treatment of the sediments, this one able to go from place to place.

(3) Training

Training sessions designed to support managers and leaders who are involved in sludge management at different levels in a way to establish an extensive knowledge of the sediment potential exploitation and best practice guidance on environmental issues.

The training sessions can be held in Europe in our productions sites or in directly in China in the considered areas.

(4) Communication

For each project, PANEUROCHINA SEDIMENT AGENCY will develop all useful tools to provide a clear and relevant communication this one destined to officials, local companies, public in a way to make then understand all relevant issues of the operations.

(5) Academic research and publications carried out


- Une entreprise franco-chinoise s’attaque à la valorisation de la vase marine en éco-matériaux (octobre 2006)


- Ports propres et développement durable : l’enjeu de la valorisation de la vase de mer !

- Vase de mer va à la terre (Journal environnement-magazine)

Edition journal, septembre 2006 (n°1650)

- La boue c’est du béton (L’urbain, n°184)


- Comment valoriser la vase ? (ile-de-groix.info)



- Paneurochina à Tianjin MOCI (décembre 2008)

- La sédimentation du barrage des Trois Gorges condamne son potentiel hydroélectrique



- Dam’s sediments nightmare (2006)

- Sludge china industry ! (2011)

- Three Gorges dam growing sedimentation condemns its hydroelectric potential (2007)

- Clean harbour and Sustainable Development : the sea mud case

Three Gorges dam growing sedimentation

- Sludge-Arab Water World newspaper (Vol. XXXI Issue 6, June 2007)


- La valorización del barro en el mar (2005)


(6) Reference DATA’S


University of Caen, CNRS, Carmeuse, Normandy incubation, The cd2e (Agency for Innovation), Team ² pole of competitiveness for eco-materials, CETE (Center for technical review of the equipment), Ports of Le Havre Nantes Rouen, Mines de Douai University, The DREAL, SEDIMATERIAUX, ADEME, ECOVIA (center of eco-design)


Wenzhou, Tianjin

Dianbai, Maoming, Guangdong


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